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Facebook Cloaker - Learn how to bypass Facebook ads manager

Are you doing some BlackHat advertisement on Facebook? Are you afraid of getting your Facebook ADS account banned and therefore lose your main source of income? Lucky you, we have created a solution which will allow you to get your BlackHat ads approved without taking the risk of seeing your Facebook ADS account disappear.

Why Facebook Cloaking is essential ?

Since 2015, Facebook has decided to do a huge clean-up amongst all of the Facebook ADS accounts. In a few months, most of the people doing CPA BlackHat, affiliation or using any other methods (more or less borderline) have seen their Facebook account suspended. Thousands of accounts have been banned in an extremely short period of time without any prior warning. If they had used our Facebook Cloaker solution, they could have avoided the unfair forbidding and keep going with their business without any troubles. Facebook Cloaking is the only option available at the moment to bypass the Facebook control.

How does the Facebook Cloaker work ?

We know that you are not all developers so let's make it simple. Facebook uses many different requests in order to validate or invalidate your Facebook ads. If your ads are frequently denied, your account might be quickly banished. Thanks to our long-term job, we have developed an incredible service which makes a clear distinction between an average user and a Facebook admin/robot.

How work the facebook cloaker

Facebook Cloaker will become your new favourite tool to keep your Facebook ADS account safe. You will be able to send the users to a specific website and the admins to another cleaner website which will keep you away from the fear of getting banned.

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