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Facebook Cloaker

Why should I use FaceCloaker


Set up all kind of ads : CPA, Dating, Gambling… Be imaginative! Once you properly use FaceCloaker you don’t have limits any more !


Secure your Facebook Ads accounts ! Most of Black Hats & Internet Marketers are worried about their Facebook Advertising account. FaceCloaker increases your chances of not getting banned by 99%.


No installation needed, easy to use. Pick up your BH page, pick up your WH page and shorten your URL choosing a mirror. 10 seconds needed for a life time, cheap and efficient cloaking!


Work with the best and cheapest FB Ads Cloaker. A lot of tests have been made over the past few years and we insure you FaceCloaker is by far, the most valuable FB Ads Cloaker you could afford!

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The Facebook Cloaker is easy to install and to use, but also and above all, really efficient. I’m sure I've avoided a few bans thanks to its use. You can definitely count on the support : the team is awesome. In one word, I'd say FaceCloaker is “Priceless” !

SNK (Bêta tester)
CPA Marketer

I’m into Internet Marketing for a while now and I've tried many different services. With other Facebook cloakers, my bleed rate for my Facebook Ads Traffic was around 15%. FaceCloaker has completely changed my business as my bleed rate is now less than 1%. I’m using the same Facebook advertising account for a couple months and it's a real relief. Many thanks to the team. Just Awesome!

Andrew (Bêta tester)

My Company wasted so much money on Facebook Advertising accounts. One day, I paid more than $1500 and got ban the day after. This is such a pain, I know you guys can understand this. FaceCloaker is definitely a gamebreaker. I have no idea of how these guys do it, but this is working as a charm !

Dan (Bêta tester)
Digital Marketing Expert

Starting Up

€49.99 one time
  • Lifetime Cloaked URL
  • Visitors Max
  • PDF Documentation
  • Live Support
  • No hidden fees
  • FaceCloaker's ToolBox

Growing Business

€99.99 one time
  • Lifetime Cloaked URL
  • Visitors Max
  • PDF Documentation
  • Live Support
  • No hidden fees
  • FaceCloaker's ToolBox

Awesome Offer

€199.99 one time
  • Lifetime Cloaked URL
  • Visitors Max
  • PDF Documentation
  • Live Support
  • No hidden fees
  • FaceCloaker's ToolBox
General questions
We do not accept illegal niches such as hacking, phishing, illegal drugs, acts, etc... However we do accept CPA, Diets, Adult, Dating, Weight Loss, etc... You can basically promote a lot of "non-compliant" Facebook niches with our Facebook Cloaker. Let your imagination run wild.
Yes we do support Mobile.
Yes, our Facebook Cloaker will work the exact same way for all countries.
Our Cloaking Facebook tool is updated on a daily basis. Our team wants to make sure you have the best service possible to cloak your Facebook ads everyday.
We do make sure that everything is fine with our customers and that you are able to enjoy our product properly. We offer a live support via Skype and are also available by email.
We do not guarantee that FaceCloaker will prevent Facebook bans. However our results are amazing : 10+ beta testers are using FaceCloaker with Black hat niches on Facebook for months now and have not experienced any ban. If you use FaceCloaker the right way, we can assure you that no moderation will ever land on your BH page.
FaceCloaker will not protect you against flagging : we are just making sure that FB will never see your Money Page which is most likely BH. Some of our members and ex-beta testers have not been banned since they use our tool. Even if FaceCloaker is awesome, you have to keep in mind that a ban can still happen while using this tool as it is completely impossible to avoid flags.
How much do you consider your Facebook advertising account's worth ? Protect it, it's worth it. Facebook is currently reviewing posts, ads, and monetised landing pages every day. Make sure they don't see the right one any more ! ;)
Log on our Dashboard right now, and you’re landing page will be cloaking in few seconds. Nothing easier! You can also access the PDF Documentation from the dashboard clicking “Documentation”.
Our customers, used to BH Advertising, are using FaceCloaker for more than 2 months now and they have not experienced bans or other problems with their Facebook account. Some of them were used to get banned very often. FaceCloaker is the only reliable option available at the moment to bypass Facebook control.
Not at all, this is your post that is flagged on Facebook, not your website. Keep in mind that you can't cloak your post. You have to think and decide if you play it risky or safe… your choice !
Of course! You will have to set up the tracking link in the field dedicated to the “Blackhat LP” on our Dashboard!